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Early Learning Summer Camp: 2 to 3-1/2

Our youngest campers will spend the summer in a nurturing classroom environment where they will be challenged and develop lifelong bonds with other students and their teachers. Our camp program is much like our school year program but takes advantage of the wonderful weather that Park City offers. We will be outside exploring nature, going on walks, and enjoying the weather as much as possible. Students will participate in big messy activities, scooters, trikes/bikes, water play and outdoor exploration. Please dress appropriately! There will be a few field trips to the ranch to learn archery, roping, learn to shoot targets in the nerf course, play with animals, garden and watch a rodeo along with a few other field trips as well.

Preschool/Pre-K Summer Camp: 3-1/2 to 5

Our preschoolers will be outdoors as much as possible throughout the summer. We will be on field trips: visiting the ranch, local parks, museums, and trails. We will be learning archery, nerf shooting, different sports, a variety of games and about ranch animals and ranch life. We will be hiking, biking/scooters, playing in the streams and sprinklers and exploring this wonderful community and all it has to offer. We do not offer alternate activities so students must be prepared for a lot of physical and outdoor activities.

Elementary Student Summer Camp: 5-12

Our Elementary campers are on the go most days! Here is a sample program of what you can expect each day (detailed scheduled will be published 2 weeks prior to camp start):

Mondays: Hike Day

*Hiking Boots/Sneakers, Hat/Sunglasses, Sunscreen

Tuesdays: Ranch Day

*Cowboy Boots/Hiking Boots/Sneakers, Helmet, Hat/Sunglasses, Sunscreen

Wednesdays: Ranch Day

*Cowboy Boots/Hiking Boots/Sneakers, Helmet, Hat/Sunglasses, Sunscreen

Thursdays: Bike Day 

*Bike, Bike Helmet, Sneakers, Hat/Sunglasses, Sunscreen

Fridays: Water Day

*Swimsuit, Water Shoes, Sneakers, Hat/Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Change of Clothes