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Peek Stories

Current and past families of The PEEK Program share their stories.
“Last year we were looking for a place for Zoe to start Pre-K and I had heard numerous words of praise for PEEK from some other Moms. I went to check it out in person and was absolutely blown away, we signed Zoe up that very afternoon!! The teachers are absolutely incredible and provide such a nurturing learning experience for the children there. I fell in love with the atmosphere right away, the classrooms are bright, fun, cheerful and my favorite is the outside play experience. I love that Zoe is outside a lot, learning how to be a good friend, a sharing classmate and a kind person. Every day we pick her up she has a huge smile, she indulges us in a fun story about the numerous activities she did that day and an enthusiasm for already returning the next day for more fun. It’s everything and so much more that I could have asked for in a first school experience for Zoe.

Thank you PEEK for all you do to ensure a bright future for our little ones, I hope they make you proud as they spread their wings in this world!!” – Shannon Happe, Zoe – Pre-kindergarten

“Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with Miles’ teachers this year. I don’t know Ms. Amrita very well since she and I seem to be on opposite schedules, but Miles is definitely a fan, and that’s plenty in my book 🙂 When we do drop off/pick up it’s always a pleasure to watch Ms Nancy and Ms Holly interact with the kids. I know that teaching, especially little ones is HARD, and often monotonous. It’s easy to fall into doing the minimum to get by until the next break – but we love how they always have interesting and creative activities for the kids to do, and they truly seem to enjoy spending their days with our kids. Not to mention that Miles has learned more than we could have anticipated he would this year, and if it were up to him he would be there 7 days a week. Please let his teachers know how much we appreciate them! Thank you.” – Emily Boyd, Miles & Autumn – Preschool & Stay&Play
“Our daughter began The PEEK Program at 3 years old, in their preschool classroom and has carried on through Pre-K and Kindergarten. Through that time, PEEK has helped us develop our daughter’s confidence and sense of self-worth in a way that is invaluable. She has been nurtured, taught, and developed in a way that reflects values such as kindness, strength and unity with the whole. PEEK has taken a specific interest in developing our child in a direction that is beneficial for and conducive with her personality, all while letting her safely explore and stretch her wings. Our time with PEEK has been a source of security and comfort for our family.” – Julie Best, Emerson – Kindergarten.
“Oh my – I want to be your biggest cheerleader! If you have anyone who is on the fence and wants to talk with a parent please send them my way. I’ll be happy to make time to talk with them and/or meet with them.” – Sooze Preston, Sonja – Kindergarten
“We cannot thank Mrs. Karen and her staff enough for the smooth transition into a new school for our son. The experience has been nothing but positive. Our son not only looks forward to going to school, he is excited when he gets there and is bummed if we pick him up early. There is no greater gift from a school then having your child push you out the door. Knowing they are happy when you leave speaks volumes to the warm and nurturing environment that The PEEK Program has created.” – Erin Grady, Quinlan – Pre-Kindergarten
“Thank you so very much Karen. Your program has felt so cozy, safe, warm and welcoming to us. Your staff of nurturing teachers are wonderful. You can feel their warmth as you walk in the door. And you are the golden thread that binds it all together.

We plan to be in PC longer next summer and we will definitely have PEEK as part of our summer fun.” – Warmly, Angela Tirion, Alexander – Summer Camp

“We are huge fans of The PEEK Program! Our daughter has blossomed in her kindergarten class. The teachers and staff all have a very special way with the students, and our little girl who began the year shy and quiet is now funny, outspoken and confident. She’s also reading, writing and joyfully learning math skills, and as it is a very well-rounded program, she also enjoys art lessons and sports. As her parents, we can say that we finally understand the meaning of “whole child education.” Sending her to The PEEK Program for kindergarten has been a wonderful decision”! – Melissa & Colin DeFord, Chloe – Kindegarten
“The team of teachers and administrators at PEEK are very kind. Being the mother of a premature infant, I had been glued to my boy since the day he was born. The thought of having him away from me was without a doubt the most emotional challenge I had experienced. I was wound up tighter than a drum that first day and could do little more than worry about him. Turns out that my son adored his time that first day at PEEK, and has just begun his third year in their Stay & Play.” – Lana Wilkinson, Weston – Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten
“We were very fortunate to have two of our kids be a part of the PEEK Program and we have seen the impact of these amazing teachers on their educational development. Our kids were reading, writing, recognizing colors and shapes, and even doing math problems way ahead of where they needed to be before heading out to elementary school. The professionalism and care that everyone at PEEK has for the kids in their programs is something that every parent hopes and wants for their children. We have made life long friendships with the teachers at the school and have the utmost respect for the work they do to help children learn and expand their understanding of the world around them.” – Amy & Dan Macuga, Lauren, Allie and Daniel – Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten
“The PEEK Kindergarten Program has been an amazing experience for my son. The staff really takes the time to get to know each child. They recognize and respect the individuality of each child and have been amazing at accommodating any issues that arise. PEEK Kindergarten has made all the difference for my sons transition into school he has fun and feels completely at home here. Thank you for all you have done.” – Jaymi Gale, Jett – Kindergarten